Sunday, December 21, 2008

snowed in and out of vanilla

This is cookie baking weekend...we went shopping on Friday night and bought all of the ingredients....or so I thought. Well, really I did buy all the ingredients...just not enough vanilla :( So...we're baking away...when we ran out of vanilla. Sad...just sad...but here's the rest. There are 30 - 40 mile an hour wind gusts here, and we live up on a ridge. What that means is there are 3 feet drifts throughout our subdivision and we can't get out. My daughter's car is stuck in the middle of a drift in the middle of our driveway. We own a snow blower, but it doesn't start. We own a snow plow, but it isn't here. We also own a four wheel drive truck but it isn't here. Let me finally add that we also own a FRICKIN tow truck, BUT IT ISN'T HERE ALSO!!!!! My husband...where is he? napping...where is all of our snow the shop...where are we? STUCK IN THE HOUSE WITH NO VANILLA, TRYING NOT TO SWEAR!!!!

If you're out and about today in your four wheel drive, that you happen to have at home, not at your husband's shop, please feel free to drive slowly by, and throw us a bottle of vanilla.

6 days until Florida...


Grammie said...

Now, who needs to ask for help? Like from a napping husband who knows how to shovel snow and how about the three strong offspring in the house..remember, your the one who told me a takes a BIG GIRL to be able to ask for help? I think we need to talk as I am still wondering about the outcome of Stephie's escapade! Too bad we are not closer as I have almost 3 quarts of vanilla in my cupboard that a church member brought back from Mexico for me! I'll probably never use it all in my lifetime.

Sorry it is soooo cold there..last night our low was 28 and it is now 57 (3PM) and very sunny here ;)

OK, I'll be still, luv yo mama

Jacque said...

Yes, I did ask for help...the honey helped, and now he's plowing :)