Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have I lost my mind, or is it gone?

I have been monitoring the ole blog for the 10,000th hit. So today like any other day, I scroll down to see if I hit 9,000 yet, which really I should have, and I scroll and I scroll and I scroll, and I go back up and scroll again...and WHERE HAS IT GONE???!????!???? Where is my 'counter' The very essence of my blog-- and knowing how many folks have stopped me a favor...scroll down my blog and see if you can find it. There is a chance I've lost my mind...and if so, please let me know...

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jennifer said...

I looked and looked and looked. I saw your feejit but no counter. SORRY! Did you add a new widget lately? You could have accidentally erased the code for it.

I have Statcounter on my Prayerfully Yours site. I can't access it to look up specific info for some reason but they send me a weekly status reports. Just one of those glitches I guess.

I answered your question in my comments about the tree topper. Glad to hear from you this morning and I hope you have a good day.

And I AM sorry about the missing counter. That's got to be frustrating.