Monday, December 15, 2008

How am I missing it?

A few of you know that a few weeks ago one of my clients sort of punched me in the face. Really, I was about a foot away from him and I sure didn't see it coming! I asked my supervisor...did I miss something? Did you see it coming? Nope... either.

Today...round 2! I was proverbially punched in the gut by the passive aggressive type and I totally didn't see it coming. AGAIN! Here I sat all diligently listening to the question and WHAM!!! Out of the blue came the real purpose of the conversation...which was a personal accusatory slam and I totally missed it. Now...ordinarily I pride myself on navigating the waters of the passive aggressive. Perhaps I am losing my touch. I'm not sure...

I do know that tonight...I will need to ponder. My navigation system is in need of a recall, repair, rethink, re something...cuz it sure ain't helping me out. me out...if you're gonna punch me in the face literally, or punch me in the gut figuratively...perhaps you could give me a warning until I get my GPS repaired.


jennifer said...

Jacque, I think maybe you should wear football pads to work for a while. Bless your heart! OUCH!

JC said...

I'm not into throwing punches. I'm more of a hugger. Have a good evening of pondering.

I'm loving your background and the music is so soothing. Thanks, JC