Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The brave new haircut

Without a photo...

Don't look for a photo here, there isn't one....but do know this...I finally, finally, finally after over 20 years of complaining...took the plunge and changed hairdressers. I struggled with my hair dude for the past year trying to get this certain concave bob hair cut, to no avail. Everytime I left, I had the same haircut I had the time before and it was not the cut I wanted. So...I finally got brave and started asking people where they got their hair cut...even strangers in restaurants! I finally realized that I not only had to know the where, I had to know the who.

There's a gal at my internship who had a haircut similar to the one I want...so I asked her, and she told me, and I finally called to make an appointment with 'John'. Weeeeeeelllll, John is evidently out for the next few weeks, maybe longer. WHAT?!? I've waited a year to take the plunge and now he's out for how long?!? "But Joiya can help you", they said. OK, Whatever, be brave, or not, hope she doesn't screw it up too badly. Finally the appointment arrives. The.longest.haircut.of.all.time. One hour and a half...I kid you not. Here's the thing: I think she only cut off about 1/4 of an inch. Really I wished for about 3 inches to be cut off. But...as the days wore on...I believe I have found a new hairdresser...I think I like this haircut...only shorter. Perhaps she was afraid that I was 'short phobic' which I am not! The shorter the better for me...So...I'm giving her another chance, after the first of the year...and I'm allowing a lot of time...if 1/4 inch took an hour and a half, 3 inches may take all of 2 days!

The kicker is my kids say..."What? You got your hair cut? I can't tell!" What? Who asked you?...I'm certain I got it cut, and I'm certain I like it better. So...stay tuned for January and if I actually get more than 1/4 inch cut off, I might even include a photo!


HeatherPride said...

It's a HUGE deal to change hairdressers! Even if you go to one that's just so/so, the fear of getting a hack job is enough to stay put! You are brave, and I'm so glad you found success!

Candi Tardio said...

hour and 1/2 isn't too bad...LOL
it takes my girl at LEAST 3 hours for a cut and color!!!

jennifer said...

Ha! I have never had hairdresser loyalty. I go to someone different almost every time. Maybe that is why I am always dissatisfied with my hair???

Pictures next time!!