Monday, December 22, 2008

I was pretty sure Christmas is a holiday...

It seems that our Christmas plans get less and less as time goes on. My mom is in Arizona since this weather just doesn't agree with her health at all. My Poppy passed away this year, my grandma Bee and Aunt Ruth last year. I usually end up with my brother's here. This year one is staying home out of state, one is in the hospital and the other has to work. That leaves my nieces: one is staying in Nebraska and the other has to work, so she'll be arriving in time for dinner. It makes me wonder what has happened to the holiday?

On my husband's side, his family seems to overflow with dysfunction during the holidays so this year we committed to travel at Christmas instead of stay home to wallow in dysfunction junction. We planned to leave the day after Christmas, since my children always want to be home for Christmas. [long pause for reflection] but then I wonder what kind of Christmas and merriment there will be with just us, my niece, her husband and baby? It'll be a small gathering, which oddly doesn't require any less planning on my part.

I am grateful I have all my shopping done. I have a very short list this year, so I got it done in two outings. The cookies are baked except for the final ones which used to be cornflake wreaths but have now turned into 'holly' to avoid covering my hands in butter to make wreaths :) EEEWWWWW how I hate sticky! I was laughing today that I think if we weighed all the cookies they would at least weigh 10 lbs! Tomorrow, I get to deliver...a big bunch to my friend Sandi...whom I'm so grateful is not in the hospital this year, a bunch to my friends at work, and then a bunch to ship off to my mama who is recovering from surgery. I'll have a bunch for my brother if he makes it for Christmas, a bunch for my niece and her husband, a bunch complete with special requests for my mother n law, and a bunch for hubby's sister. The rest will ride in zip lock bags to Florida with us :)

My precious one is just finishing up the last batch of dishes-- when it's 'cookie weekend' it seems like we do dishes non stop! The baking of cookie weekend included:

Two new types of peanut blossoms...guess what, we liked last year's better
The wonderful cranberry walnut cookies...returning from last year...our new favorite
Cut out cookies
Pressed sugar cookies (my son's new favorite-more on that later)
pecan sandies
toffee (new this year...still in the testing phase)
raspberry poinsettias (new this year and quite tasty and pretty)
Macadamia nut from a mix - fair at best
chocolate chunk from a mix - if flour was added to it would have been great
chocolate mint - (my big girl's boyfriends favorite)
strawberry sandwich cookies (returning from last year and a big hit due to their beauty)
corn flake holly (stole the holly idea from a recipe blog and love it!)

There you have it...the top 12 picks for this year. Will they all be returning next year? We'll let the reviews determine that! My precious one and I have sat at the kitchen table baking for two days. My precious one is looking over the list and asking why some were eliminated and some were added. We are especially glad the creme de menth balls that we threw out last year were not relived this year. Gosh they were awful!! Today... we took Lacey to the groomer, so she's all pretty for Christmas and to get some pesky hairballs removed and I completed a 4 hour training class for one of my new part time jobs as a professional development advisor. I do love sitting at home baking cookies, listening to a webinar and getting paid. I'm pretty sure that's as good as it gets!

Tomorrow, oh...I lied...I have one little present to pick up for my mama...then I have to send off her box, my boy has the dentist, Cookie deliveries, my precious one needs a swim suit...and thank God they sell them here in Illinois in the dead of winter, cuz we sure learned the hard way that they don't sell them in the south in December, but that's a blog post for another day. Laundry and packing is on the list, and shopping for Christmas dinner. Did I mention snow? Don't forget the snow 3 - 5" predicted for tomorrow and 4 - 6" predicted for Christmas Eve. I have a few presents to wrap, and then I plan to clean and nap.

You know that old saying if you build it they will come? Perhaps if I plan for Christmas they will come? After all, I was pretty sure Christmas is a holiday...

4 days til Florida

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Grammie said...

My how times do change..I think back to Grandma Stockenburg's Christmas's. I think they were the best in my life, especially the one that you saw Santa in the window. I must find that priceless picture!! But then, we didn't have all my grandbabies and great-grandbabys to love. This year, of all years, I have learned that 12/25 isn't really that magical. Some theologins believe Christ was born in July, because that is when the North star really appears like the bible says. I have learned that Christmas and the love it instills is every day. What a great gift to receive. Next year, my dear, something needs to change as far as being with family. Love you all so very I just remembered my childhood Christmases with your Poppy..they were pretty great..presents at our house first, then Candle Lite Service at midnite (we were in the choir) then off to grandma nana's house 'til three or four in the AM. Only bad part was the ruetegagas..couldn't standem then and still can't stand 'em or spell 'em, haha.