Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alive and Kickin'

I arrived home Saturday to find my husband sound asleep in bed, where he stayed for most of the day and only one girl remaining from the party. From all reports the party went well, and the guest of honor was very surprised...that is indeed what a surprise party is for right? Since my precious one funded this party on her own, I believe she was bit surprised at the cost of even a basic party...Good thing she's a working girl. The house was in one piece although I think EVERY blanket, sheet, and pillow in the house is now dirty. Overall, not so bad. My husband said he only had to talk to them one time at the movie theatre, since they had to leave the theatre every 5 minutes for refills, but other than problems. I think what that really means is my husband fell soundly asleep at about 9:30 and who knows what happened after that. He is still in a bit of shock I think, but all is well.

Saturday I spent the day running children to football games, boyfriend's houses, sweet 16 parties, and on and I committed to no running, no driving, no leaving the house. I didn't even go to church...{sorry God} I just really needed a veg day. So far I slept in, made lunch, read the paper, took a nap, started the laundry, loved the cat, watched Steph play a few rounds of guitar hero, and soon I hope to be out of my pajamas. I know it's almost 5:00 but sheeez! I girl's gotta rest once in a while right?

I got an email that the bookstore has sent my books, so homework will start big time tomorrow and I start teaching child development classes at the Y again on Wednesday, so I must get those classes written by tomorrow. I have a few weeks of case notes to get caught up on this week and some lists to make: Lists of what to pay, what to do, what the kids need, etc. etc. I also need to start planning a sweet 16 party for the big girl. Steph is due to get her license here in the next 7 weeks, so I've committed to letting her drive where ever we go.'s my honey and my's 18th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Really, got nothing planned for that unfortunately. Perhaps we'll sit around and watch our wedding video after my 14 hour day tomorrow and reminisce.

Today on my list is to get the bed cleaned off in my scrap room so I can finally get it out of there...then the next big task is to clean out the garage...I think that will be a family task for next Sunday as we hope to get to the apple orchard on Saturday. Looks to be a beautiful fall week ahead...high's in the 70's lows in the 40's. Cool and Crisp...Aaaaaaahhhhhh that is the life!

Until next time...


HeatherPride said...

Sounds awesome! I'm glad you had a day to kick back a bit!

Happy anniversary tomorrow!!!

Catherine said...

Happy belated anniversary, Jacque! Hope your husband will organize a restaurant outing.

I have to write a to do list too. Just for the pleasure to cross out what is done!