Friday, September 26, 2008


Last night I got to watch a bit of prime time TV....ER to be exact. Now...I didn't watch last weeks episode as it is still on the TIVO although my children did announce..."Hey! Be sure to watch this dumb ER, now IT'S taking up space on the TIVO!" (MY TIVO lest I remind you!) Anyway, if you watched it, I clearly had no idea why so many people were hurt, dying etc...but I really had no idea that Dr. Pratt was dying...really? Who said that was ok? I cried the entire show and so did puddles my husband. And then AND THEN I tell you, at the end of the show they announce that it is the final season and that Abby will be leaving next week. Let me ask you...WHO SAID THE END WAS OK?!? does appear that there will be some good reminiscing shows coming up, and I'll be sure to enjoy those...It will be odd granted, that ER won't be on anymore...I've watched it since the beginning. I don't deal well with change you know!

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Catherine said...

The actor who plays Dr Pratt has surely find a better leading role! I've dropped the serie many years ago, when main actors leave one after an other. I loved it. Now we're watching Dr House, or Grey's anatomy.
Maybe screenwriters have no idea how to continue after so many years.

Concerning kitties, yes, Jacque, they're living outside, just going back home to eat, I guess, or when it's too cold. They live a cat life .
Mine, never go outside. I wonder if she would still know how to climb on a tree? That's the reason why, she's always sleeping.