Friday, September 12, 2008

Sportin new duds!

Hey! Yesterday my shipment came from Matt, Liz, & Madeline and the garden of awesome...

I ordered these shirts the very first day they came out...and I was so excited when they came! Just in time for the only day of the week I can wear jeans :) Pardon the glazed over zombie look, but I'm just a bit tired these days ;) Since then, Matt has added a few new shirts I will need to be ordering. Speaking of new shirts... I found this one at Cafe that I think will be perfect for my mom's husband for Christmas. He is such an accepting person and really focuses on not trying to change his clients but just helping them. (He's a therapist too you know...) So, I thought that shirt would be perfect for him. It's not too early to Christmas shop right?!?
Last night was parent night at my sonshine's and my precious one's school. I met most of the teachers and for a brief moment I thought I might have been at the wrong school. While meeting my son's teachers I heard things like...he's really concerned about his grades and works hard, he comes right in ready to work, I really enjoy him, and various other compliments. I was almost moved to tears. Not really...I knew he had it in him all along! I did tell the assistant principal that I appreciate each year of maturity so much with my boy, that by the time he's 25 he'll be so awesome I probably won't be able to stand him! The VP (Mr. Townsend, not wanna be Palin) said he agreed. So, my son seems to finally be used to his new school and seems to finally have teachers that appreciate him. That does my heart good for sure...Guess what though? Next year he changes to a new school again! Today however, we're going to focus on his current success!
My precious one's teachers of course were all smitten with her. The 'Ruch Girls' reputation as straight A, non trouble maker students had preceded teacher said to me..."My you sure have 3 totally different children" And yes, I am as amazed as she is how different they each are with the same genes and being raised in the same family. I love them each for their uniqueness and differences. Remember those days after you had your first baby and you were wondering if you could ever love another baby as much as the first? Someone shoulda told me how amazing the mama love is...and what an amazing journey being a mama is. To's been the highlight of my life!
My big girl got her audition results for the play, and isn't very pleased...well that's an down right foul about the part she got. I encouraged her to try out for a larger part, which she did. And then she ended up getting a small part, so she was a bit less than pleased with me. Bummer. the precious one, and maybe even my sonshine will be trying out for the middle school play next week. Keep your fingers crossed for them. The precious one will also be trying out for 'The Polar Express' children's show at our local college. I'm hoping to be able to take a moment off to watch my budding actor and actresses!
Got school tonight and tomorrow and hopefully the apple orchard if it isn't pouring ;0 Have a great weekend!
Until next time...

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Catherine said...

What a nice parents night! I have had the same surprise when teachers told me that Olivier was participating verbally, while I thought he was shy!!
Your new shorter haircut suits you perfectly. And your shirts too : for the dybamic woman you are!