Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bucket List...

You know the list...things I'd do if only...

I must be hitting the ole mid life crisis, cuz I'm sure wondering if I'll fit it all in and more importantly if I'll be physically able to fit it all in. Yesterday in one of my therapy groups we played wiffle ball and although I did score an awesome grand slam I think by tomorrow I may be experiencing the equivalent of child birth in pain!

One of the things I always say soon as I graduate we are joining the health club. The other day my big girl said...yeah you keep saying that. This week I have been especially focused on the whole 3 years of school thing. That I have virtually missed my daughter's lives from 10 - 13 and from 13 - 16 and my son's life from 12 - 15. Last night after working 14 hours and knowing that I have a 15 hour day today I crashed into bed and fell asleep to the sound of my daughter's and husband laughing at big brother 10 in the family room. I was sad. Sad to be missing one precious moment of their life...knowing there is laundry, homework, cleaning, etc. that needs to be done, and more moments missed. I was always a mom that prided myself by and cleaning can wait til tomorrow cuz babies grow up, we learn to our sorrow.

We often say...after the kids move out, we'll do this...or we'll do that...well today...I'm makin the list...lest I forget...all those hopes I have...

Join a health club. When I met my husband I worked out 4 days a week at the Y....and man did it feel good. I long to be an exercise fiend again...

Live on the beach. 'nuf said...and certainly addressed in enough posts on this ole blog!

Take cake decorating classes. I love to bake and in honor of my late A. Ruth...I want to make cakes as yummy and as beautiful as hers. One of my fondest childhood memories was eating the trimmings off of her fabulous cakes before she decorated them.

Cross Stitch. I used to stitch extensively. Some very beautiful pieces. Of which I have none. I always made them for gifts. It's time to make some for myself.

Crochet. Some warm cozy more buying throws for me!

Sew. I'm not sure what...but I used to sew... a lot. I made all my nieces dresses for my wedding, I french hand sewed my daughter's Christening dresses. I love to sew. Perhaps I'll make Christening dresses and sell them on Etsy.

Date my husband. Man I love that guy! And he is so cute! I just want to do fun stuff with him...(keep it clean, it's a family show) -- but mostly I want to travel with him. I hadn't been very many places before I met him... and he has been to every state and a few countries too, so I have definitely learned to love to travel and there are so many places I want to go. (Mostly beaches...I know you're surprised)


Build an addition onto my house so I can have a great kitchen.

Work less...much less.

Spend lots of time with my, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, mama, mil, brothers, I have a great family.

Take it all in...I just want to slow down enough to soak it all in. I don't want to miss a minute!


HeatherPride said...

Just get through this last stretch of schooling and you will have a lot more freedom. Only a school year left, right? Hang in there!

Catherine said...

Just like you, I have so many things on my to do list. And not enough time. Especially you, Jacque! You'll live 2 lives while I'll live one. When I read your schedule, I understand how I have no right to complain.
And whatever is our work, we have always done our Mom's job, as much perfectly as we can.