Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Christmas List

As I was running through my mental to do list today I was thinking, geez I think this list is longer than the super-long-busier-than-ever Christmas to do list. So, guess what I did last night to get caught up...I came home and went straight to bed. Let me see...items checked off the list: 0 But here's the deal...I did work 14 hours yesterday and came home with a pounding headache. The sleep was much needed (especially after the whopping 4 hours I got the night before!) But today... mommy guilt. Did I talk to the kids? Did I kiss them? Hug them? Feed them? I don't recall. I think I said hello. I think I asked one to plug in my phone so the alarm would go off this morning. I think I grunted something to my husband. I hope it was something nice. I took some tylenol and passed out in 10 seconds or less.

Today is a day made for me. Yesterday it was 90 something...yes our first 90 something all summer and it was God awful humid and buggy. Where did all the bugs come from? is pouring...I mean pouring beautiful cooling rain. High's in the low 70's, turn off the air, open the windows, smell the rain, beautiful day.

I start the second part of my internship today and next week I'm back to teaching at my second job. At that point, it's full steam ahead until April when the internships wind up, and May when I graduate. Today, another 14 hour one on the schedule...but today I commit to the list...a slightly different list than laundry, no cooking, no cleaning, just saying hello, hugging, kissing, and listening to my kids :) Somewhere along the way I'll try to throw in more than a grunt to my husband ;)


jennifer said...

Oh Gosh. Mommy guilt is the PITS. I have woke my kids up from a sound sleep to tell them that I love them because I was afraid I didn't say it enough during the day.

Weird, huh?

But when you aren't feeling groovy you have to take care of yourself too. That extra sleep probably energized enough for weeks of Mommying.



HeatherPride said...

I do love a rainy day - when I can stay at home and enjoy it, that is. Not so much when I have to get out and about!

All of us moms have our off days, don't we? I wonder if the kids even notice - but we end up kind of obsessing over it, huh.

You're a great mom. :)

Catherine said...

Jacque, you're always so busy! You make my head spin. I'm really ashamed to confess I've passed 2 months of holidays! Reading, passing time with the kids, playing cards.... Yes, the 2008 on my picture is made with UNO cards in plastic. To play with wet little hands, when your on the beach. It is called UNO ACQUA. If you want, I can send you a game, if you tell me your postal adress in my email adress. I really do it with pleasure.