Thursday, September 4, 2008

Super Dad or just insane?

It all started simply enough...

Precious one: "Mom, can I have a surprise party for Bree?"
Mom: "Ummmm, when?"
PO: "This Friday"
Insert note here that our house has major CHAOS syndrome right having a party is a huge undertaking...
Mom: "Uh, let's see...I'm not it's up to your Dad"
PO: "When do you think Dad will be in a good mood so I can ask him..."
Mom: "Probably never if the republicans stay in office...oh wait...I digress, probably now is as good a time as ever."
PO runs upstairs...silence...runs downstairs
PO: "Dad said yes!"
Mom: "Reeeeeeeeaaly?, whatya got planned?"
PO: "Cake, icecream and presents at our house and then a movie."
Mom: "How many?"
PO: "12"
Mom: "What? Does Dad know that?"
PO: "Yup"
This was...I think on Monday night...yes, Monday night. We then proceeded to make 10 invitations. part was done.
Fast forward to last night...
PO: "I'm having a slumber party"
Mom: "What, when?"
PO: "Friday...Dad said it was ok"
Mom: (Clearly questioning Dad's sanity) "Reeeeeaally..."
PO: "Yup! Dad thought when I asked him the first time I asked for a slumber party so I might as well have one."
Mom: "Good for Dad...I think?"

Later...Dad says...did you year we're having a slumber party?
Mom says...yes have you lost your mind?
Dad said...I'm not sure how I got myself into this...
Mom said...right on.

Remember my last rant on how I can't wait for school to be over? Let me just interject here how grateful I am to be at school on Friday...Good luck to you super dad! (I sure hope Grandma's available for reinforcements)


HeatherPride said...

oh my goodness, you are a brave woman to let your husband tackle that one on his own!! I shudder to think what would happen if I put my husband in charge of a slumber party!!

3 kids & us said...


Catherine said...

I didn't know what was a 'slumber' party. A 'soirée pyjama' for us.
Wait a minute! 12 at a slumber party!!! Is your husband as dynamic as you! Does he get his relaxing pills!
At our home, there's a lack of space, we couldn't invite so many people to sleep. Even with the better will.

And I answer to your question : when I have posted my SWFriday, it was thursday night in fact. And there were already 131 registered participants!! And they weren't all Australian! That way, it leave me more time to comment on Friday on others Sky Watchers'blog.
And yours? When do you post it?