Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shopping...lots of shopping...

So...really I thought daycare was expensive when they were little...please could someone have warned me about the expense of high school? My big girl is shopping for her class ring...and Oh how I'd like to post a photo here, but you can only do it if you sign in to the site etc...and it won't let me save a photo. Sad...anyway...she has good yet expensive taste (no comments about where she could have possibly gotten that from) and I am so excited. The choices for class rings are SO SO SO SO much better than in my day...and no it really wasn't that long ago...I mean 25 years wasn't that long ago right? I digress...she has it narrowed down to about 6 choices...but is definitely leaning toward one style. We get to see the rings in person in a few weeks, so that will either confirm her choice or maybe she'll see something she likes better.

I so remember the excitement of those days in high school. I still have my ring and wore it probably up until the time Steph was born. (I think that is when it stopped fitting me lol) Immediately following the ring purchase of course we have homecoming. The big girl has already begun spying dresses. Another fun shopping outing :) And...did I mention the week after that is her Sweet 16 birthday? Perhaps we should hold a fund raiser to accommodate the month of October!

Sigh...I find myself sighing a lot lately at the thought of her oldness (is too a word!) -- I still appreciate her everyday...her brilliance, her humor, her love. I'm trying hard to savor these fleeting moments!


HeatherPride said...

Oh no! I was so looking forward to dropping a daycare payment in a year and being RICH!! You mean that's not going to happen??

Can you believe, sweet sixteen?? What a great year.

3 kids & us said...

can my check book get any more in the negative??? I thought I was done paying for big expenses exspecially after the huge jv dance bill .Oh and drive right. OH NO I keep writing checks!!!! and now she has 7 yes 7 cavities do to not brushing her teeht well with braces!!!ugh!!! did I mention she would also like me to buy her contacts?