Friday, September 5, 2008

Totally Wrapped...

I was emailing my friend Catherine today and commented that it is amazing what little girls can accomplish when they are totally wrapped around their Daddy's finger...for instance...having Dad take her to the dollar store for decorations and then to the mall to buy a new outfit for the party, after a long day's work. Taking a minute with Dad to figure out how many pizza's will be needed and how many guests will be attending. Calculating transportation needs to and from the movie theatre. And my favorite...Dad is coming home early from work so the pizza's are there when the guests arrive and the party can start early. I think I even saw Dad do a bit of picking up around the house last night :) My daughter did breath a sigh of relief when I told her I'd clean the kitchen and scrub the floor so she didn't have to. I somehow managed to get the big girl off her butt long enough to put away a load of laundry and clean off the end tables. There was quite a bit of complaining and yelling and whining, and I'm too tired's going on...but eventually she did comply. I'm bravely leaving my camera at I'm trusting there will be at least 300 pictures of the big event. The precious one was up at 5 this morning putting on the finishing touches and even making sure the house was decorated for fall. Gotta love her huh?

OK, son said...I'm having friends over Friday too. Ummmmm. No. You're. Not. 12 prepubescent girls and a houseful of adolescent boys...Not on my watch and CERTAINLY!!!!! not on Dad's watch! I suggested he have a sleep over on Saturday night since the house will already be clean ;) (Great idea huh?) Kill two birds with one stone as they say...or in our case...kill two parents with two slumber parties in one weekend! Good luck to us...for tonight at least I'll be in my peaceful hotel room enjoying the sleep that will be absent from my husband's evening. Super Dad...or just insane?


Catherine said...

Reading the first sentence, I understood I had to consult my email box.
These moments between a dad and her daughter are fantastic! I haven't had this complicity. My dad was not that kind of father. He was an old time dad, not very present, strict. And I regret not to share more souvenirs with him.
Good luck to Mr Ruch for this night.
Jacque, cross your fingers for him to succeed.
When you write about your older daughter, I get the impression you're speaking about mine! Crazy how they look similar in their attitude. Just like our cats : )

Anonymous said...

LOL, can't wait to hear how the party went!

HeatherPride said...

Oh my gosh, what a weekend!!! Although it would be awesome for your son to have some bonding time with friends since he's been having such a rough time at school lately. I can't even tell you how sympathetic I am on that.

HeatherPride said...

awesome song choice, by the way.

Hey, I tagged you with a meme on my site! Pop over!