Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bitter or Better?

Where has the week gone? It has gotten away from me evidently with my lack of posting! In my pastor's sermon last week, he spoke quite a bit about choices and one of his catch phrases that stuck with me was the phrase bitter or better...especially when I look at some of my previous jobs. There was my job at the phone company where I was micromanaged to the very second and even though the pay was terrific, the stress of the job wasn't worth it to me. I started college at that point.

Then came a point in my life when I had a 1 year old, a 2 year old and was pregnant. It was at this point that school had to take the back burner for me. For 10 years as a matter of fact. Then in my last job...I felt myself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the demands of the work, the hours away from my family, and the general low pay of the industry. I was motivated once get back to school... to follow my passion and suck it up for a bit to accomplish what I needed to accomplish. There are times when the bitter thoughts creep in, and for that I am grateful for Sunday's Sermon...bitter or's your choice...I could have stayed where I was and became a bitter, negative, and hateful person....or I could have sought something better...which is what I did. For me, better definitely outweighs bitter...What can you do to become a better person today? Take the leap....go for won't regret it.

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jennifer said...

Agood post to start my day with. I think I can FEEL better about me if I get something accomplished in my home today. The guilt that I carry sometimes for FOLLOWING MY BLISS (ha) makes the bliss so much less blissful. I think moderation would add a lot to my life.