Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idol 2009

As I was watching the MOST atrocious American Idol last night, I said to my precious one...OMG, how many go home? 3? Only 3? I think they should only send 3 through! Oh wait...that's how it is...and a darn good thing, cuz those folks last night were awful. Even Paula thought so! (Paula with a backbone and an opinion? I'm not sure if I can take it!)

Here's a brief recap, in my humble opinion...

Jackie Tohn

Really, her Olivia Newton John outfit with hightops was well...unfortunate at best. The judges went so far as to comment that they liked her trousers...really? No...she was a fashion disaster. Simon hit it right on that she was gimmicky and clowny, for which he was promptly bood by the audience and applauded by me. I thought Simon was right on when he added, the public won't like you.

And what about parents night? I thought that was a bit odd, and why did Jackie's mom have what looked like a large dish towel on her lap? Please, somebody explain. Perhaps the parents were there for unconditional support since most of their children su**.

Next was Ricky Braddy who has his own web site and fan club. Randy commented that there was more talent this year than ever. Sorry dog, I'm just not feeling it! Ricky was fair at best, but boring which seemed to be the theme for the night. BOOOOORING!

Alexis Grace...BOOORRRING with a capital B! I even had to disagree with Simon when he said she's the one to watch. I'd like to watch her get voted off.

Brent despite his awful song choice...I liked the Home Depot Boy. His showman ship was blah...but something about him...I think he should stay. Oh...and why are all the guys on last nights show, about twice the size of Seacrest? They should give him a booster seat!

Next was Stevie Wright. Ummm, can you say a recording on a cassette player who's batteries were dying. That was simply awful and gratefully the judges agreed.

What was up with the microphones last night? Why did they look like they were purchased at the dollar store and why was there so much air noise? Technical assistance please and fast!

Next was Anoop-- here's the thing...I like Anoop, as does Simon (I appreciate that) Although I thought he too was the B word last night.

Casey Carlson...Simon held his head throughout this performance. I wished someone would wake me when it was over....let's just say it was God awful and move on. I did love the judges comment when they said, "The winking is the least of your problems!" Painful, yes, but right on!

Michael through without too much pain from the judges...I thought he was fair.

Next was Ann singing was ok, and I believe she'll make it through, but I did nearly die when she sat on the red coca-cola couch and a large crunch was which she replied, ooooh, I just sat on the hard part. At this point, Seacrest couldn't continue his conversation and moved right on to the voting.

The catch phrase of the evening was "who are you as an artist" Stephen Fowler used this phrase when he was by far the worst performance of the night. The judges nailed it when they said they liked him better when he forgot the lyrics. Ouch!

Next...Tatiana word for her...Prozac. And fast.

Finally Danny Gokey, who was at least decent. I just have one question...what song was Paula dancing to while he was singing? Simon Rolled his eyes when Paula commented she had two words for him.... sold out arenas.... 1 - 2 - ummmm....isnt' that 3 words?

Anyway, I'm glad it's over...and I'm super glad only 3 of them are going through.

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HeatherPride said...

Wow, only 3?? Harsh. I have this on my DVR and now I can't wait to watch it!! I can't stand watching a 2-hour live tv show!!