Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My pet peeve

What is my pet peeve you ask? Waiting anxiously for a post when there is none. It is virtually unheard of for me to go 3 days without posting...yet here it is. I've been really good at working on my project 365, but no so good at keeping up the ole blog. My apologies.

Here's the thing...My new job is fabulous, but taxing...I am learning so much (as I've said before) and for all you that know me, I must take a picture of my desk because you wouldn't believe how organized I am (no really, I'm not joking) In fact, one of the girls today asked if I would help her organize her desk!!! (My Mom is stunned with disbelief right now!)

So perhaps that's why I'm behind on the blog...too busy organizing. Yes, I believe that's it. Too busy organizing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Grammie said...

WOW! You are exactly right! I am stunned and LOL right now ;) Maybe you can come here and help me. I fell Monday..QUIT LAUGHING! It was quite serious. I was doing a good deed and dropping off a letter to the Judge for my CASA baby. Well, crossing four lanes of traffic, right in the middle of the street, right in front of the courthouse (QUIT LAUGHING!) I tripped on the jagged edges of the 4 yellow no passing stripes right in the middle of the road. I could not get up. As I was laying there wondering when a car was gonna come and in which direction to put me out of my misery,FINALLY,with men walking all around on both sides of the street, 3 very thin older ladies came and helped me up. Yes, I believe it took all three of them, with the men gawking on the sidelines :(
Two skinned palms, of course, one bruised right hip and a skinned up right knee that, yesterday, was four times larger than the other one, seems to have been the result. After not being able to walk since, yesterday I got it x-rayed (or Larry was not going to speak to me again, I think) and all is well, just a severly bruised and swollen knee was the radiologist's diagnosis. My biggest scare was that I started taking Coumadin last week, so with my imagination working over time, I began imagining bleeding from all exits!!!


Glad to hear you are starting off on the right track being so organized. With some jobs, organization is the only way one survives!

62 degrees here today. I see Chicago might reach 40 degrees today..Whoa, it's a heat wave, ha, ha!

Luv, yo mama

HeatherPride said...

Sounds like you are busy but in a good way!! So glad about the new job.

Catherine said...

Well, Jacque, publish the picture. I want to see that. I'm like Saint Thomas, you know ?