Friday, February 6, 2009

Scoooooooooore! Not...

1 second left....1 second...Harlem was winning and Hononegah shot a 3 pointer to tie it up. We proceeded to loose in overtime...:( Hononegah is now in first...Harlem 2nd. Bum.mer.

But was about the most awesome game of all time. The house was packed and it was standing room only. Both sides were a bit obnoxious, but it was a good game. Sad to say, Harlem beat itself. We missed passes like four times in a row resulting in loss of possession. If Harlem had it's game on.... it would have been a slam dunk (pardon the pun) and we'd have walked away with a win.

The hubby and I had a date kids (except for the hundreds at the game that weren't ours!) and we had a great dinner before hand. Tomorrow I'm meeting my bff Jill for breakfast...can't wait to catch up!

Go Huskies!!

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