Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still dragging from Sunday!

You ever have one of those so productive days that it takes you a few days to catch up? Yea! That's me on Sunday...I did countless loads of laundry, many loads of dishes, quite a bit of cooking, and lots of cleaning my bedroom. Here's the thing...I am not accustomed. Although I do a lot of things, cleaning is not one of them! So last night, I just couldn't bring myself to do anything but go to bed and read...(after working 12 hours of course!) And then today...I ran errands, worked two jobs, and finally picked up my daughter's girl scout cookies, so that they can be delivered. Check another todo off the list. Tomorrow, I have to get ready to be out of town on Thu and Fri and also ready for scrap night on Saturday. My class is done Saturday and I have 3 papers due then, so that's on the agenda tonight!

So...the point of this post, is that I think my posts will be far and few between this week...just lettin ya know!

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