Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now he IS sick...

OMG the man had to come home early from work, and he's running a temp and feeling like passing out AND shivering. YUCK! Makes you want to climb into bed and sleep 2 feet away from him doesn't it?!? (Don't answer that you goof! That is a rhetorical question) --

Tomorrow is Friday...for which I am grateful...I am currently torn between a job I pink puffy heart and the huge todo list that is overcoming me at home. Gratefully, I have another Monday off school the following week which might allow me to catch up just a bit. (Really, I'm quite liking the 3 day weekends, in case I haven't mentioned that.) I know, I know I've mentioned it before, just bear with me k? I'm down to 8 weeks at my internship which will allow me to put in a few extra hours at work...and then, I need to be job hunting...for a clinical position. How exciting is that?

Hmmmmmm....there was just a really loud crash somewhere in my house. Yes, there was, should I get up and check it out? Nope, children are coming out of the woodwork to check out the seems to be covered. Some shifting of the dishes in the sink or perhaps one that was thrown in there from too far away. (Did I mention we have a lot of Ruchus in our house?) Well, yes we do, and sadly we've been known to throw a dish or two into the sink. We're just that way. Anyway, I digress.

Today I worked of course, did my internship of course, my precious one had a swim meet, and then it was time for the kaleidoscope concert. Oh how I love this concert and oh how I left my camera in the car VERY far away from the school and was too lazy to go back to get it...So...I'm having to burn it into my memory. I tried hard to not get choked up when the music boosters presented Mr. and Mrs. Cain with their plaques of appreciation. It is their last year as the fine arts directors and of course my big girl has been with them for the last 7 years. They will be missed. What I will miss about them is their boldness as Christians. That in a public school concert at Christmas they read a bible verse, sing traditional Christmas songs and I'm even pretty sure they call it a Christmas [gasp!] program. Tonight the closing song was This little light of mine, which was a beautiful rendition. The district has been blessed to have them for so many years and they will leave some might large shoes to fill!

Until next time...

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