Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just woozie that way...

The big girl passed out at school yesterday...and let me tell you why...she tends to be a little woozie when the conversation turns to things that she deems gross...So, being the good mama that I am, I dutifully warned her biology teacher that certain subject may make her become very pale, need air, and if one's not careful...the passing out soon follows.

She's been this way since she was tiny. She has a very vagal response to all things medical. Once when she was two, she walked out of the Dr.'s office after a shot and passed right out. Once when we were in the ER with my mother, she became the next patient by passing out and hitting her head on the floor.

Evidently I was remiss and failed to notify the health teacher; which is where the passing out occurred yesterday. Evidently, the conversation had turned to broken bones and dislocations and that was all it took. She was on the floor :( After she told me the whole animated story, her final response was..."And I had something to say and I didn't get to say it!" Bless her heart. Evidently, she might have gotten a bit of whiplash from the fall out of her desk, because she's sure staying home today with a super stiff neck. Poor Baby. Her teacher called last night to check on her and to tell me what a wonderful student she is. (How sweet is that?)

Note to self...notify all teachers where 'gross' conversations may take place.

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