Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Things about Kristina

I bloglifted this idea from my friend Stacie, and believe I will feature one of my loved ones each week...this week it's Kristina's turn...

1. Kristina is 13
2. She's in 7th grade
3. She is super smart
4. She is very creative
5. She is clumsy
6. She falls.... a lot (see #5)
7. She has broken her foot twice (see #5)
8. She has braces
9. She has beautiful ice green eyes
10. She longs to highlight her hair, but her mean mama says no
11. She is a HARD worker...if you need a job done...hire Kristina
12. She plays the trombone
13. She plays the piano
14. She is a catcher when she plays fast pitch softball
15. She is a jr. lifeguard
16. She is a girl scout
17. She loves to spend all of her money buying things for others
18. She is my baby
19. She has one brother
20. She has one sister
21. She has super sensitive skin
22. She has many allergies
23. She is a straight A student
24. She is my precious one
25. I could not love her more.


Catherine said...

So nice to read this, Jacque ! To resume, Kristina is a young girl very enthousiastic.

Tootie said...

What a sweet daughter you have! :-)

jennifer said...

She sounds charming!!

Don't you have a saxophone player too?

I have a Sax player and a trombone player :) Good music around here.

Shari Schmidt said...

#25 is the best. I tell our girls this all the time.

Grammie said...

#26 She has a Grammie that loves her with her whole heart!