Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blaring Christmas Music

I have blaring Christmas music in my head. It won't go away. I think it all started when I felt the strong urge to head to Walmart at 12:00 on a Sunday. Now...those of you that know me well, know I prefer to go to Walmart at 7:00 on a Sunday before the town arrives. Today...the baby girl and I slept until 11:00!! We far surpassed the 9:30 record we set a week ago. I just know her Mama & Daddy will be sad they missed the 11:00 wake up call. I, for one, was eternally grateful. So...with half the city in tow I braved the Walmart.

The last minute part of me has learned the Thanksgiving lesson the hard way: If you want just the right turkey at just the right price, celery hearts, cranberry jello, and not...and I repeat DO NOT go to the store the night before Thanksgiving and expect to find anything you are looking for. Besides...I need 4 days to thaw my turkey and today would be the day it needs to start thawing (for the 20 lb. variety)

I learned the waiting til the last minute lesson again yesterday, when I couldn't go to scrap night because all the spots were full :( Eventually, Sarah called me to say a spot had opened up, but by then the hubby and I had already made plans for the evening. Let me tell you, they were some HOT plans! We were price shopping for a carpet shampooer. AND, we met up with his mom and picked up the turkey roaster that she had gotten me for my birthday. Thanks Gramma! I had originally thought I had wanted the roaster that holds an 18 lb. turkey and comes with three insert pans. We found that one at Target and discovered the insert pans were not very large and therefore not very useful for large holiday gatherings. I instead opted for the larger pan that roasts up to a 24 lb. turkey. Perfect! Someday, when my kids have kids, I hope to have all the family over every holiday and to get quite a lot of use from this roaster. Holiday gatherings are my favorite of all time. Hey Mom...if you're not mom, don't read this...just kidding. Hey Mom, book yourself a flight for can stay in our house while we're gone...and spend time with Tim, Shana, Fadil and everyone you haven't had a chance to catch up with. Then you won't be home alone for the holidays. Maybe I have some NWA miles you can use for free. I'll have to check. OK, if you're not Mom, begin reading again :) Let me see...where was I...OH...

Today, I bought the bird...all 21 lbs. of him. I wonder why we don't eat turkey more often. I surely do love it! To alleviate the cooking and cleaning crunch I find myself in every year...this year we were going to get started early with the cleaning. Sadly, that hasn't happened. I'm hoping to feel energized any day. That hasn't happened either. AND, I JUST REALIZED IT'S SUNDAY!! What? I knew it was Sunday, but somehow thought for sure I had another day off. Drats! Tonight Kristina is in a lighted parade...Actually she has to be there in about an hour and a half. Probably I should take a shower and get ready.

But first...two things I want to day with the baby girl... OMG! Isn't she getting so big, and beautiful too? She can now say about 32,000 words ;)

Let me share with you what my big girl's mail looks like lately... Ummm...did they just realize she takes her ACT's in a year? Yes, why yes, I believe they did. Every college has some offer for her...if she sends for their registration packet-- where to choose, where to choose? Time will tell I guess. Right now she's looking at the Art Institute and Cal State. Many choices...many opportunities.

OK, now finally for my most random thought of all time. This is my favorite sandwich... What is it you ask? Why it's a goulash sandwich, with butter, on cheap white bread. The only way to go! I can't think of a sandwich I love more. When I was little I really like ketchup sandwiches and jelly sandwiches. Perhaps I've always been a bit odd. Now it's your you enjoy a favorite out of the ordinary sandwich? Leave a comment...I'd love to know...


jennifer said...

The sandwich looks good to me!

I am adding you to my blogroll, if that's OK. Have a great day!

Jacque said...

I pink puffy heart being on blogrolls :) I'm in!

Catherine said...

21 lbs is about 10 kgs. A monster . I mean as heavy as a baby! How many are you at Thanksgiving?

Your big girl has choice. That's great!

And finally, my favorite sandwich is a Panini. For us it means bread filled with ham+emental+tomatoes, "crushed" inside a grill. But I'm sure you know that sandwich. Or a croque-monsieur something similar