Monday, November 10, 2008

The kick butt laundry challenge

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

What is that one thing in your life that is NEVER caught up? What two words do not belong in the same sentence? For me...they are laundry and done. When my friends say they finished their laundry...I sit and wonder Really? Hmmm. Let me see. Nope, can't really recall a time when the laundry was 'done'. For fear of setting off some health department alert I can't really post a picture of my laundry pile here. Let's just suffice it to say that when I was making my todo lists the other day, laundry was at the top of the list. You see, every once in a while my laundry used to ALMOST be DONE. Those times included 1) when my mother came to visit and 2) when my basement flooded the day before we left on vacation and my mother in law washed ALL the laundry that was in the basement. Every time it has ALMOST been done, I make some willy nilly promise to myself to keep up with it. Alas...tis not so. There must be, let me not exaggerate, 50 loads of laundry in this house. Now...first you're wondering, "HOW ON EARTH CAN THERE BE 50 LOADS OF LAUNDRY?!?" Do they have a special wing at their house for the dirty laundry? Why yes...yes we's called the basement. So...hang with me here...what in your world needs the kick butt challenge? For is for sure the laundry. So...I have committed to washing 20 loads a week in addition to the 70 hours a week I work. k? 20 loads. Let me I have done 2. Hmmmm, far from 20. But...I plan to post my progress here...and I'll let you know how the pile is looking. When it looks like a pile instead of the basement floor, I may actually take a picture. But for now...I'm off to do laundry!

I do commit to post my progress each Tuesday for my Tackle It Tuesday Challenge! Won't you join me?


Kris said...

I totally know the feeling.

Except my plan to get over the laundry wasn't to wash it all. It was to go to uniforms, buy enough for 7 days and thats it.

Your's is probably more realistic.

Stacie said...

Yeah..can't really relate to the laundry challenge. If I don't stay caught up, we have nothing to wear. Although it doesn't always get put away right away. I would like to catch up on house cleaning.

Susie said...

Let's see, for a family of 4, I do 12 loads a week. My laundry is done everyday but it is a time committment and not my favorite thing so, I always do that first:-)

HeatherPride said...

Ugh - my desk at work definitely is calling for a butt-kicking!!

Momof3 said...

I don't have to do 20 loads a day but it does seem like its never done. thanks for the motivation. I'm off to do my laundry.

Catherine said...

Jacque, I have a solution to propose you. I haven't any basement, so I have no other alternative but to do laundry regularly. Sometime the box can't close, but no way to have an entire room with laundry in it!

What 20 loads of laundry mean ?
As many clothes to iron. And that's worse!
I love your words to explain, chores don't take away your sense of humor! Good, that's a positive attitude.

Catherine said...

I've just realized that you work twice much than the French legal working time. Is it possible?
Really, Jacque, you win all my admiration for having 3 children and working so much!

Shan said...

20 a week.... 3 loads a day I guess that's not so bad. Wow!