Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thanksgiving Ponder...

A few years ago my Mom and I started the 'Thanksgiving Ponder'...thoughts from the day after. Although I didn't spend Thanksgiving with my Mama...I find myself participating in the ponder. The day after Thanksgiving we ponder what worked, what didn't, what we would change, what we liked. Here are the ponders from this year...

The guest list...loved it...would have only changed adding people to the mix, Grammie, Cassie, Gabe, Grandpa Moffitt, Bubba Bill & Karen. I long for the holiday's when we're all together and there's definitely NOT enough room at the table!

The meal...this is the part of the list where certain dishes die a slow and painful death. If no body eats you then your chances of reappearing next year are slim to none. This is why the 'Green Bean Casserole' is no longer in attendance! The food choices this year seemed to be right on.

Next we look at quantities...was there too much of something? Not enough of something? Hmmmm...let's see. Although we did have quite a few left overs, we attribute that to the fact that two families joining us had eaten another meal before they arrived. Ugggh! I remember those days all too well. We have lots of leftovers that are quickly disappearing even as we speak! The one thing that puzzles me is why none of my children like candied sweet potatoes. Do they share my genes at all? So far today, I'm on my 3rd serving of left over sweet potatoes. So...overall, we'll leave the amounts of food the same next year, unless the guest list changes.

We invited everyone over at 3 or 4. Most folks arrived at 5. We have decided to change this next year. We definitely felt like we didn't have enough time to spend with people. Next year we're gonna shoot for 1:00.

The cooking and cleaning were right on target. We had the house finished by 1:00. I even had time to shower AND take a nap!! Can you believe it? Take a nap on Thanksgiving?!? Amazing!
The most important part of the Thanksgiving ponder is that you write it down! Next year you won't remember what tweaks you wanted to make. But if you write it will. Happy Pondering!

This weekend I am looking forward to completing or at least starting some long overdue tasks around here, working some more on the laundry, an finishing up some nagging homework.
What I love most about Thanksgiving is the culmination of recipes from cherished people in our lives. This year we had Grammies stuffing and turkey. Grammies fruit salad, Gramma Bee's Cranberry Jello Salad with Pineapple sauce, and for an appetizer, Aunt Ruth's Cheese ball. We added a new tradition this year, in honor of my friend Cheryl Pace, who used to bring the most amazing Red Velvet cake when she shared the Holiday's with us. Although not too many people partook of the Red Velvet is to remain for the next few years to see if it will take off as a new tradition!
Since Aunt Ruth's cheese ball got rave reviews this year, I thought I'd share that recipe with you.
2 8 oz. package softened cream cheese
1 package Knorr Vegetable soup mix
2 packages Buddig Beef, diced
sliced green onions-about 2 inches of 8 onions
1/2 cup or so chopped Walnuts
Onion Powder to taste
Lowery's garlic season salt to taste
In mixing bowl, mix all ingredients except nuts until thoroughly mixed. Add onion powder and lowery's to don't need much with the soup mix, but some is good.

Roll concoction into a ball and then roll in nuts...pack the nuts lightly around so they stay put. Cover in waxed paper and store in fridge for at least 4 hours for flavors to blend. It's best if you make it the day before.

Serve with crackers. As I was typing this my honey walked by and said, hey...where's the left over cheese ball?'s still having an effect...even the next day. Try it yourself...
My precious one is convinced that ALL Christmas decor must be up today. She's so much like me when I was little, not very patient, but very ambitious. Wait...that is still me today! I wonder where she gets that from? ;)
Drum roll please...the job you ask? Here's the latest...I got a job offer on Wednesday. I am waiting for the information on their health insurance offerings before I make my decision. Currently the offer is good. Quite a bit more $ than I make now...and of course only working 6 hours a day...with 6 weeks off a year. That would be a great opportunity for me to be able to start my private practice and to not be so exhausted by 9 at night. The health insurance costs however could easily eat up any increase in that is a major sticking point for me. I hope to find that out on Monday...and negotiate from there. Keep me in your I think this is the perfect opportunity for me.
Hope you all had a really terrific holiday!


Sarah Doyle said...

congrats on the job offer! hope it works out to be the one to make your life a little easier.. as hard as it was to leave my COL family, it was the BEST for our family and I am thankful everyday for all my time at home with the kiddos and stress free job;) wishing that and more for you!

Grammie said...

What a wonderful blogger you are!
Thanks for Aunt Ruth's Cheese Ball Receipe. Think I'll make it for my dancing ladie's Cristmas Party Monday. Thank you, my dear daughter, for the invite to your empty home over Christmas, however, I think I will be either recouperating from or preparing for my two operations some time this month (December, isn't it December already?) or early in January. Larry left yesterday. I am still trying to get my feet on the ground and accustomed to my new 46 day life without him. The world really seems empty now, yet at the same time, it feels so much more organized! (Chuckle, chuckle.) It took him 13 hours of travel yesterday, but after overcoming a lot of anxiety about the trip, he finally made it! I am certain that about in 2 or 3 days he will become acclimated to his new surroundings and be loving his new work. I will keep you posted. Sounds like your Thanksgiving was a success..the best part is that you were with family! I am praying that God knows what is best for your job offers and in His time, you will have the perfect job for you my dear daughter. Much love, yo mama

jennifer said...

That looks DELICIOUS!