Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Photo Meme

To kick off Thanksgiving...let's have a photo meme! You know...a picture speaks a thousand words right?

I'm not big on we'll keep them to a minimum...

1. List 5 things you are grateful for...using a photo
2. Nominate 5 others to do the same
3. Link the nominator to your blog
4. Have a Happy Thanksgiving...

That's it...

#1 on my list...God, Church, Baptisms, Confirmation, God Parents

#2 Family...the more the merrier

#3 Babies...I can't get enough of their curiosity, their baby soft skin, their beautiful eyes and their big slobbery kisses!

#4's a challenge for me to make time for friends...but it's definitely worth it!

#5 Honey...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Take a moment to wallow in Gratitude :)

I nominate...

Mrs. G

Jen and her dust bunnies

Lucky Girl

Heather and the short bus



jennifer said...

OK first, your blog looks GREAT! I love the Christmas template!!!!!

And second, I am IN! Sounds like a fun Meme and I will try to post it tomorrow or Wednesday!

Have a good day and a fun week!


HeatherPride said...

I love this idea!!!!! Love it!! And, it kills two birds in one stone, with a spin cycle topic as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful--in a crazy kind of way--that I have all the boys =:o coming to town . This is a great idea, though. It's always nice to take time to think about things we're thankful of.

jennifer said...

The meme is up with linkage to you!

Have a great day Jacque.

Catherine said...

Just tell me you're graceful for SMILING at life with them all.
You look so happy, that looks like a blessing.