Thursday, November 13, 2008

Retail Therapy -- The next generation

Last Sunday I had the precious baby girl at my house. We had a lot on the todo list that day, which included going to the mall for new clothes. We all slept in (even the baby girl) til 9:30! which was really awesome in my book, and then we were off to the mall. I love that she is two now and can wander around with us...stroller free. She had quite quite quite the good time at the mall. First, she did a lot of exploring! Who knew there were so many fun places to crawl into...
and to sit... at A&F? I guess when you're under 3 feet tall that store offers a completely different view! After A&F we were off to Hollister where the baby girl enjoyed some good Surfing magazines...
and so did Honey!
After they were done reading their magazines, he followed her around the store, helped her climb onto the couch where she sat for at least 2 nano seconds, and generally let her explore to her heart's content. After we were done at the checkout, she claimed this bag as her own!
A sure sign of things to come! There was no getting that bag away from her and wherever we went she brought the bag along with her.
Next we were off to Aero. She found a terrific place to sit while the girls searched through the clearance. Notice her tight little grip on the Hollister bag! In every store, she showed a bit of her Grammie by stopping to admire the jewelry. In Aero, she told me all of the colors of beads and all of the shapes of the charms on the necklaces. At one point, she laid down on the floor to get a closer look at the necklaces on the bottom rack! Aubrey picked up her bag and we were off to American Eagle. Aubrey sat on the floor near the jewelry to admire the latest fashion trends. She had her shopping bag close by. When Kevin looked down at her he noticed she was dropping necklaces into the shopping bag one by one! Oh no little shoplifting on our watch! Kevin put all of the stolen goods back on the rack and we were off again. As we were leaving the mall, we went by one of those kiosks that sells 'bling', you know? She had to stop, put her hands on her knees and bend down for a closer look at the necklaces! Too funny! After all that shopping we stopped to have some Kobe's ( and then her mama met us at the mall and it was time for us to go pick up Brennan.

It's been a long time since I've been shopping with little ones and of course when mine were little I am sure I didn't let them explore the store and sit where they like, carry the bag, or pose for pictures. Those joys are saved for shopping with the next generation! I am sure my children would have been strapped into the stroller for safe keeping :) It's very different shopping with one two year old, two teens, and two adults. When I headed to the mall in days gone by, it was usually me, and three little ones under 5. Very different indeed! I'm glad I've learned to let go a bit and enjoy the moment. It sure was worth it!

Here's the funniest thing of all time. My big girl is currently grounded from the computer due to her delay in chore completion. Be sure to note who the first comment is from on this post...the grounded one!


Anonymous said...

=] that was a fun day. but i am suprised that you forgot to mention american eagle when you were talking all about aubrey and the jewlrey. =] heehee. that was the funniest thing. maybe you could add it.


HeatherPride said...

That Stephanie, what is she doing on the computer! ha ha

Aubrey is a cutie PIE!! And I love that you are teaching her to enjoy shopping at such a young age - it's very important to a young woman's comeuppance!

Krishana said...

HAHA. How funny. I am glad that I was able to see some pics! :) AND YES--She is ALWAYS strapped into the stroller..cart...whatever...I'd strap her onto my back with tape if I needed to. LOL. I am sure that will change for the next generation though. Haha...thanks for sharing.