Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why am I stuck in a bad sitcom?

I believe that any house with 3 teenagers in it is a sitcom waiting to happen. Throw in one crazy husband for good measure. First of all, these days it is all I can do to stave off one sibling murdering another. I believe this could happen at anytime anyday. Why did these lovely babies I had turn into hateful siblings.

Here's another wonder of a real life sitcom...Why, when we own 5 TV's all with cable...and three computers all with internet would there possibly be a fight over the TV? just leaves me speechless...Now, sadly, since my family is SSSSOOOOO deprived, we only have TIVO on one TV. OK, I can understand that...perhaps. But really? It's TV and the beauty of TIVO'll be there again...why the fighting?

I just served dinner and ran for my life. Serving teenagers can be a dangerous task. One night last week I waited to long to serve my plate and when I got there...poof! No food left. AGAIN on that same evening, my precious one made cookies. Again...I cookies for me. Not one!

In a house with three teens there seems to be at least 8 simultaneous conversations happening at the same time...wait...I think that's what simultaneous means. Anyway...on top of that, they like the TV or the Radio on. Hence the term...what's all the Ruchus. I gotta tell you...there's a whole lotta Ruchus going on!

Friday my precious one committed a fate worse than death and wore the big girl's sweater to school...and not only did she wear it...she got something on it

*Sigh such is the life of the Ruchus...

At 3:00 the hubby was supposed to pick up the precious one, but decided on a nap. You'd think asking a newly licensed 16 year old to go get her sister would be a great idea right...not so! And then...the precious one once again committed a cardinal sin and left her things in the big girl's car. Nevermind that the big girls has left her crap in my car for 16 years and actually I'm sure there's quite a bit of her crap in my car right now...Does that matter? Noooooooooooo. When it's HER one is allowed to leave a single thing in it...who knew.

So...such is the life in the Ruchus sitcom...

Tonight we went to the precious one's parade...her first even marching. I love this parade that opens the holiday season each year. This year we lucked out that is was 45, not 20 like last year. We took Zoe and Jason, Steph, me, Kev, & Gramma...We sat near the beginning of the route and got a ton of candy!

I must be off now to do...let me see...20 loads of laundry. NOT...the kick butt laundry challenge kicked my butt this week...but next out! With 4 days off, I'm sensing a 40 load week.

Until next time...


jennifer said...

Oh I need a NAP now! How funny. Yes, Ruchus indeed. And the fight over the TV when there are 5 in the house? That cracked me up!


Catherine said...

Watch it with hindsight!
Not a question of name, just the same at home. Same battle for programs, to get one's part of food, -well, not clothes because they can't exchange-...
I often think, how peaceful and calm, maybe even boring, when they won't be there anymore!

20 loads of laundry!it isn't 'human'! ; )