Friday, November 21, 2008

Got nothin by a head cold...

Really I got nothin to post sassy satire, no comical comments, oh wait, but hey...I do have a new word...if you're the non swearing type...cover your ears. Are they covered? OK, good. The new word for the day is shitten.

Here, let me use it in a sentence for you...

Tends to shitten up the ol’ attitude.

I believe the word shitten is a verb.

That sentence was plagerized borrowed from Sandi Johnson's Caring Bridge Site.

My friend Sandi...well she's in the fight for her life...literally fighting stage 4 cancer, and now she's fighting lymphedema too. Please pray for her... a lot. She is at a specialist today trying to get some help for her arm. She needs lots of positive energy flowing her way.

Sometimes I find myself feeling shittened. See? You can add 'ed' to it. Trust me, this word is gonna be in the websters by 2010. Wait...I digress...let me tell you why:

Homework is KILLING me this week. The kickbutt laundry challenge has kicked my butt. 0 loads completed this week, 20 to go. Christmas shopping is stressing me out...cuz I got no dough.

Let's just say that today is the day for VERY incorrect English. k?

And...I have a head cold.

For those of you reading this from some warm sunny place...the wind chill was 4 when I came to work today....4 Balmy eh? Good to know that 34 days from now I too will be in a warm sunny place.

Got a lot on the plate this sure to look for the pictoral weekend in review on Monday... Tomorrow I have school. Weekend #12 and counting...then scrapbooking with the girls...Sunday I have the baby girl, and then Zoe, Jason, the whole family and I are going to watch the precious one in a parade playing her trombone. I mentioned it was 4 degrees here today right? Oughtta be a bang up time! MANY blankets will be required ;)

I spose I'll close with the random blathering...have a fantabulous weekend.


HeatherPride said...

So sorry about your friend! And Christmas is totally stressing me out too - for the exact same reason. Ugh!

Krishana said...

I had a terrible time trying to read your blog. Aubrey is sitting next to me screaming about your photos. Jacque!!! YEA! YEA! YEA! HUNNY! OOOH! YEA!!! NINA! BREN! STEPH-A-NEE! And I got a bit teary-eyed when she noticed Gramma Bee and Said, "Gramma!" Haha. Too cute!