Thursday, November 13, 2008

The kick butt laundry challenge

So far not so good. One of my readers commented that 20 loads a week wouldn't be too bad since that's only 3 loads a day. Here's the problem...I did 5 loads on Monday, 0 Tuesday (when I worked 14 hours), 0 Wednesday (when I worked 15 hours), and so far today, yep, you guessed it...goose egg. Today I only worked 12 hours, but then I had an errand to run with my daughter and now I am just too exhausted. I sit, only 5 down...15 to go. Tonight my precious one said...gee...maybe I should help! Now we're talking. meet my goal I'll have to do 15 loads on Saturday and Sunday. Possible...very possible.

Now...on to the latest with the job search. I had my 4th interview on Wednesday (because after all I am interviewing to be the CFO of wait I'm not...I'm interviewing for a plain old educational coordinator position that is beginning to seem like something much larger) -- anyway they believe I need to come back yet again for one more observation on Tuesday. I told him...that was the last time I was stepping foot inside the building without an invoice in my hand. I would be submitting a bill for my time in the future! I mean really! 5 interviews?!? Personally, I think interviewing people is like throwing mud against a wall...some sticks, some doesn't. I have hired people that have interviewed beautifully that turn out to be the biggest flakes of all time, and others whose interviews were a bit questionable have turned out to be fabulous employees. So...pulllleeeeezzzz Mr. interviewer, could you possibly make a decision so that I might get on with my life? He assures me I will know if I got the job before the Thanksgiving holidays. Then...of course there's the 60 day notice at my current job, lots of training for my replacement, saying goodbye to a job I absolutely love and I may end up at the new joint say by Feb. Unbelievable. And then, even if I get the job we still have to negotiate salary and benefits. How the heck long do you think that may take? I might not start til June! Oh alright...perhaps I am exaggerating just a bit.

On a more serious and less petty note...I spoke to the mama today and her angiogram went well yesterday and she was quite chipper and bubbly today. She has a few more procedures coming up over the next month to clear some blockages in her carotid arteries, so please keep my mama in your prayers. Hopefully she'll be feeling like her old self or her new better self by Christmas :) Love you mama!


HeatherPride said...

Have you pinned down the salary for this job? I only ask because one time a bunch of tools put ME through FIVE interviews + an IQ test + a personality test - then I found out the dream job I was interviewing for paid LESS THAN THE JOB I ALREADY HAD!! I don't believe I've ever been so mad in my whole life. I'm STILL hot about that one!

But, I do wish you luck! Can't wait to find out!

Jacque said...

Yes Heather,

We've spoken about hours, benefits, and salary. The range is the same as I make now, and possibly quite a bit more. The quite a bit more part is what I'm hoping for :)