Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A petty request on such an important day...

Hello faithful blog readers...

Lately I have not been feeling the comment love and I pink puffy heart comments. So here's the deal...on this most important day, when you should be voting your heart out (as my hubby has already done today...so super proud of him!) anyway...After you place your vote today...place your comment here, cuz there' something in it for you. If you voted today...AND you place your comment here on this ole blog...you'll be entered into a random drawing for a $50 gift card to my favorite book store...Borders, therein providing you with a chance to do lots of reading regarding important things like...elections...

Get out and vote, and win your gift card here.


HeatherPride said...

Sorry I have been away! I am so far behind on my blog reading it's not even funny. I am proudly sporting my "I Voted" sticker this morning, however!!

Tonya said...

It felt great to vote today.
It only took me 40 minutes start to finish.It was my son's 1st election
and the first time my husband voted
I feel so proud for them.
I started reading your blog through
Sarah's blog
THANKS for sharing, it's a great read
the whole family loves Borders

Jodi Heuerman said...

I voted at 6:30 am!! go Barack!!!

Sarah Doyle said...

What a great give away!! You know how we love the borders;)
I voted proudly and even posted.. twice in this week alone.. c'mon?!lol!

Stacie said...

Ok, I tried to comment earlier...
I do love the comments as well, and Joey and I voted together first thing this morning.

Anne Lambert said...

Well I went to go vote this evening after work and I thought I was going to stand in line for a very very long time but I didn't. It went by very quickly and I am very happy that I got to vote for the man that I hope will be the next President of the United States of America.
And by the way all of you that voted I hope that you all voted against carrying a consealed weapon...I think this is a very dangerous thing and I hope you all agree. :-)

3 kids & us said...

OOPs . Sorry ladies. I didn't vote!!!

Catherine said...

oh! no! Jacque, that's unfair! I can't vote. (Just with my heart).
And I can't go at your favorite book store, either.
But I swear I will stay informed about every thing concerning your election, it concerns the entire world! Newspapers and French TV feel very interested in your choice as we do.

Jacque said...


thanks for your vote, and thanks for your comment :)


Thanks for reading and nice to meet you! Welcome.


Have you been stalking my blog?!? Nice to know you're here :)


Two posts and a comment? I am moved ;)


My faithful commenter. Thanks! I think it is so important to show our children the process. Don't look now but in the next presidential election my two oldest children will be able to vote! Argh!


Even though you are way behind on your blog, I'm more grateful you took the time to vote!

Ms. Shannon,

Tisk tisk on the no voting...unless you were going to vote for McCain...then it's ok that you stayed home :)


So nice that your back from the Holidays. I believe our new president will be watched by the world as well. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Thanks for your comment!

Mustang Mike said...

Mrs. Ruckus,
Thank you for sharing with all of us your daily challenges/successes. I always get a happy chuckle from your writing. Yes, I voted, and yes, I will support my new President Elect, even if I didn't vote for him. I hope he is all that his supporters think he will be. Thanks again for your great writing. Say "HI" to your hubby for me. Mustang Mike

Kelly said...

Hi, I came by way of Catherines Blog. I was a definite voter and am happy to say that my candidate did win! I have just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it...Glad Catherine's post directed us to you! Keep up the great job and I'll definitely be back! Kelly