Monday, February 4, 2008

14 things I love about...

My Mom...

1) How I can hold it all together except when I talk to her, and then I can let it go. Thank God for people like that in our lives, right?

2) She's a fast walker! No dawdling while we are shopping, we are on the move!

3) That she let me get a dog when I was 12.

4) That she let me get a hamster, a cat, a bird, and 80 thousand fish over the course of my life.

5) She is the best cook ever...I mean ever.

6) She knits, although in any other way she is not old ladyish :)

7) Yes, that too, she is not old all. I can't imagine her with a gray poodle perm!

8) Although I didn't like it at the time, she has taught me to stand on my own two feet through tough love

9) For telling me I needed therapy, and boy did I.

10) I guess this should have been #1...for bringing me into the world!

11) For being a fabulous Grammie, for the hours and days of babysitting

12) For answering all those 'help mom' questions, even if they were in the middle of the night

13) For taking care of me and cleaning my room, and making sure there were no wrinkles in my sheets when I was sick.

14) For being my very first valentine.

I love you Mom!

I have many other things to post, but I haven't downloaded my pics from the weekend yet, so perhaps tonight I'll finally catch up. It was one great weekend, that's for sure!

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Grammie said...

What a great idea! God Bless you, Jacque, How do I rate having such a compassionate, wholesome, God-fearing, ethical, super intelligent, comical with a great sense of humor, #1 mom in the world, and most importantly, the bestest daughter in the whole-wide world???????

I luv you...yo mama ;)