Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What is it Daddy?

I just wanted to share this story from my super bowl gathering...Tim had brought gifts for Shana & I. Mine was a cool candle in delf blue and white that looked like Fima clay. It burns down into the candle and glows. Very cool. (Notice how there are no pics, cuz I can't locate my camera at the moment) Shana had a big gift with a Mardi Gras mask on the top. Somewhere, perhaps in my missing camera, I have a really cute picture of her wearing it! Anyway, she began to open her gift. The first box was small and had a piece of packaging floating around in it that you could see through the window. Shana asked, "What is it Daddy?" and Tim replied, a small black piece of plastic I think. Without questioning what on earth she got an empty box for, she moved on to the next package. She looked at another box and asked, "What is it Daddy? Is it a game?" "Yes" he replied, "I believe a game is on there." Shana, as patient as ever, went on to the next box..."A mother board?" At this point it was great that she finally recognized something..."Is it easy to install?" "Yes" her Dad said, but disclosed nothing more. The next box was a Microsoft program..."Oh! Microsoft! I love Microsoft!" said Shana. Finally, at the last box Shana asked again..."What is this?" (Only these two could have this gift exchange and not think anything was odd about it!) "Oh, that's a graphics card" To which she replied, "Hey! this is all for my computer! Can you install it?!?" To which her Daddy replied...I built you a new computer and it's in the car. Finally... mystery solved. I was lost as well through this whole thing. He brought in her new PC, along with a new one he had built for himself and the gaming was on. They stayed til late in the night and when I awoke they were gone but the computers remained. Hmmmmmmm....Tim took the next day off, and Shana was already they had a snow day for father/daughter gaming. What fun and what a neat presentation of a gift!

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