Tuesday, February 5, 2008

14 Things I love about...


1) He is a genius

2) His hugs-- everyday at least once for no reason, just because

3) His spontaneity-- some would call it impulsivity, but I prefer the positive :)

4) His passion about things he loves...me, dad, his cat, pokemon, Wow, Uncle Tim

5) His super soft skin

6) His beautiful green eyes with the thickest lashes ever

7) His endless chatter

8) How he tries so hard even in the face of adversity

9) How he remembers life's lessons i.e., He is pretty constantly picked on at school, and I shared with him once a sermon of Pastor Kerr's where he said, these tests make you a stronger and better person. A few months later he replied, I must be going to be fantastic!

10) He has overcome so many challenges, both physical and psychological

11) He is learning to give and say thank you without prompting

12) He is venturing out on his own and becoming a bit more comfortable in 'our world' versus 'his world'

13) His caring and protection of his friends

14) His loving heart

Happy Valentine's Day Brennan, I love you

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