Wednesday, February 6, 2008

14 Things I love about...


1) She is a genius (you see a theme here right)

2) Her super soft peaches and cream skin (despite the sensitivity)

3) Her beautiful green eyes

4) Her firey spirit

5) Her independence

6) She is the baby of the family

7) She isn't afraid to try anything (this worries me as a teenager however)

8) She is a leader

9) She is an excellent student

10) She is so creative

11) Her super cute little hands that are the same as mine

12) Her spirituality

13) Her dedication and drive

14) She is my precious one

Two things...the Jonas Bros tickets came yesterday and after seeing the Hannah Montana 3D movie, I'm actually getting excited to see them!

Sandi Johnson is really struggling through her double mastectomy. Please pray hard and pray often for her. Her story can be followed on the link to the right of my page.

Stay warm today, and stay in....if you can.

Until next time...

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