Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain, rain please stay

In place of the 6 - 12 inches of snow we're supposed to get today we're having a downpour instead. Let me be the first to say I appreciate the downpour. I am desperately hoping it will melt the 8 inches of ice on my driveway before someone gets killed (like me this morning walking out in my nightgown to get the paper!) It was all I could do to not fall on my butt, all the while the vision of me falling in my shorty nightgown and getting up all soaking wet was a bit more than I could bear! But...I am still happy for the rain. I have never in my life felt like I wanted spring so badly. Perhaps it was the almost two weeks of clouds, snow, and oh let's don't forget the below zero temps. Joy!

Yesterday it was so sunny and warm (to coin a phrase...if 30 degrees is warm) that I opened my sunroof a bit on the way home from school. If you have the heat on high you can drive 70 with the sunroof open you know! So anyway the sunshine and the fresh air was SOOOOOO delightful!

A quick catch up from the weekend...Friday night I did my presentation on autism. My teacher said I should really use if to teach inservices for teachers and that I should send it to schools and see if they would hire me. Well....I really thought about that for about 1 nano second...and decided that that, too would have to wait until after May of 09, along with about 40 thousand other things.

Saturday I left school and hurried home for Kristina's cheercital. She did a great job and man have they come a long way!! Kevin was all teary eyed watching his baby girl...and of course we had to buy the DVD, so as soon as it gets here, I'll post it on the blog. The coach of the 5/6 year olds was a bit odd, in that she had her girls do their stuff, but stood in front of them, facing the audience and performed the whole routine in her socks! Ummmm, there is a term for such a thing that would not be politically correct to post on here, but it was definitely Machesney Parkish.... sad. Kristina's squad however looked great and there was no coach in site. :) I told Kev that I sure would love to coach those 5/6 year cute would that be? But alas, that too must wait until May of 09.

After the cheercital we left and went to Robert's 3rd birthday party-- I'll post the few pics I got before my battery went dead I'm feeling a bit too lazy at the moment. We stopped at Target where I got out for a miraculous $38 even with 3 kids in tow! I saw my friend Jan there. I almost wrote my BFF Jan, but had to stop myself. She and I were the closest of friends for so long, and she surely holds a special place in my heart. But time gets away from us and friendships change as did ours. She is one I hope to see more frequently since her husband has passed away and her kids both live out of state. I'm gonna just have to 'put her on the calendar'. She's one that can't wait til May of 09!

I got an email that Kristina's 'get to know me' was in the newspaper can read it here Thanks, Stacie for the email, since I didn't see the paper yesterday :)

I am off today to complete 80 loads of laundry.The socks are already washing in my fabulous new washer...I'm gonna read the paper, do the dishes, pay some bills, go to church, take a nap...and stay inside from the rain...oh wait, Kevin and I are supposed to go on our valentine date today....That, depends on the weather. Until next time...


Candi Tardio said...

so...i fell on my rear this morning out in my jammies getting the paper
thanks for the heads up on the target clearance!!!
i saw your girls tonight at walmart :)

Sarah Doyle said...

Shane saw Kristina in the paper and was reading next to me so I read it and said "yep, I knew it all already;)"
so great to have them published!