Thursday, February 7, 2008

14 things I love about...


1) She is my first...the beginning of our family :)

2) She too is a genius -- in a very different way than I...Math and Science....ugh!

3) Her dinner plate blue jean eyes :)

4) Her drama....seriously most days it cracks me up. Last night I began taking videos of her drama to share with you. What I realized though is the second I start taping, she quits the drama... (Hmmmm, note to self....this may be a useful tactic!)

5) She has a wide array of talent, singing, acting, dancing, writing, drawing

6) Her self motivation and drive

7) The, "I love you so so much" I get every morning

8) My morning and good night did I luck out to have kids that hug me at 15 :)

9) She hates doing dishes as much as I do!

10) She is very responsible - I could not be more proud of her

11) Her passion and dedication

12) Her ability to have an adult conversation and to sound more intelligent than a lot of adults I know (More than 5 people have made this exact comment to me)

13) She carries on our family name, "Joy" and what a joy she is!

14) She was my first baby valentine....snoppy doy buckup!

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