Friday, February 29, 2008

More Snow? Who knew?

So, the snow came as a bit of shock this morning, since I haven't had a minute to watch the weather all week. It caught me a bit off guard. My dogs are so tired of it that they have now resorted to going potty on the deck....[grumble, grumble]

Last night we were at the center til 8 or so for Dr. Seuss night. This morning came too bright and too early for me. We had 130 people last night so the event was a great success. At home, we are in the process of getting ready for Kristina's birthday.

Tonight I will have 6 preteen girls over for a slumber party and then we're off to build-a-bear tomorrow and Rain Forest Cafe...after that, we'll come home to send those girls home and sleep til Sunday morning when my baby Aubrey comes to visit!!

I'll have to rush home tonight finish cleaning, pick up a cake, and buy her present still...

OK, so the update on the teacher's lounge/classroom....The teacher replied that yes the coffee pot is in there, they don't pop popcorn too often, and really only a couple teachers are in and out to get coffee during Brennan's math class. I made the suggestion that perhaps there is an actual teacher's lounge or perhaps one of the million offices in the building would be a better place for the coffee pot. Why do I feel like I need to tell these people with Master's Degrees that a dose of common sense would be a good thing? As of this morning I haven't gotten a response to my request to move the coffee maker...Brennan has ISAT testing next week which means he'll be on an altered schedule. (Just when we are getting him to catch the bus every day)...Also, there is a big pokemon tournament this weekend that Brennan will be at. So, it seems a busy weekend is in store. Stephanie wants to squeeze in the icehogs game on Sat. night since Emily Osmont will be there...perhaps we'll make that event if we aren't too exhausted!

Happy Friday!! Until next time...

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