Friday, February 1, 2008

Busy yet fun weekend ahead :)

I have this weekend off of course the goal is to cram in as much fun as one can possibly cram into one weekend right? :) I don't really have anything on the agenda for this evening...but I do believe going to bed early will be in order. We had Robert over last night and he woke up at 2:00 this morning and about every 20 minutes after that until we finally got up at 5. Ughhh...I pointed out to him that Auntie is MUCH TOO OLD to be up every 20 minutes ;) Tomorrow, however, we are going to see Hannah Montana 3D at 10:20 in Bloomingdale, then Brennan has a Pokemon prerelease at 11:00 (Thanks Gramma for taking him) Kristina has practice at 1:00 and then a game at 4:00. After that the girls are going to a movie (Thanks Gramma for taking them to that too) I'm sure Brennan will be crashed out and Kevin and I have a date night at the Healthy Solutions Anniversary Dinner/Dance. I am so looking forward to that. We get to speak uninterrupted to each other about 34 seconds a day so it will be nice to be without the kids. Speaking of the dinner/dance...I really wanted to get a pedicure. I wonder how one wears sandles in 4 inches of snow...BRRRRRRRRR.

Sunday, I have the baby girl :) :) :) church and then a small super bowl gathering in the evening. My bro, sil, and my nieces family will be joining us. I'm making it 'Italian Night' with lasagna, crusty bread, and Italian salad. Yummmmmmmmy! I do have a goal to get a nap in both days...and continue to work on the laundry. BTW the new machine is GREAT!!!! and I haven't posted pictures yet. I've been much too busy using it to take a picture of it! I do worry that it is very high tech, which to me means more things to go wrong. But...I'm hoping for the best. The crazy machine even weighs your laundry to determine how much water it needs to put in there. Ummmm.... wow. I guess if my scale ever breaks I could just climb in the washer. Oh...nevermind.

Until next time...

PS is everyone's spell check working on their blogger, cuz mine is not


Grammie said...

Yey! Super Bowl Weekend! Wish I could be at the party..drats! Maybe next year!
luv, yo mama

Candi Tardio said...

my spell check is not working either...what is up with that?????
enjoy your weekend off!!!