Monday, February 18, 2008

Congrats are in order!

My friend Carlene received an internship position at Rosecrance today. I am so excited for her! OK, really I'm mostly excited for me cuz I want her to move to Rockford and now at least she'll be working here a few days a week :) The Rosecrance program is extremely competitive with usually over 200 interns trying to secure one of their 12 spots. Carlene has SO much experience and she is going to do such a great job...I am just so excited for her!! I'm also hoping it'll work out that we can carpool to school on the weekend...that would really be great! SO! Congratulations my friend on a job well done! (We're one step closer to opening our private practice together :)

I called today about my internship to secure my hours and get my id badge done and all of that.I thought I'd try to get that all in order over the next few weeks that I don't have school. Softball registration is March 8th so I really want to have my schedule in order before then so my kids will know what to expect from me over the feels so nice to be home tonight. Grandma came over for dinner and to go to Nina's game. At the last minute the other team forfeited, so Kristina ended up going to a movie with a friend instead. I plan to read and relax a minute and then continue to conquer the laundry. Good night all...until next time...

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