Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All in a Day's Work...

I was ready to leave work yesterday when I got a call that a child had his head stuck in the chair. Yes, stuck in the chair, between the seat and the back rung. And really, we could not get his head out!! So, I ended up taking the seat off of the chair to get his head out. Ahhhh, yes....all in a day's work.

Sandi Johnson had her mastectomy surgery yesterday and is recovering at OSF. The register star has this video on their website, showing the Harlem game dedicated to the Sandi Johnson Scholarship fund. Please continue to keep her family and Sandi in your prayers as she continues on this most difficult road.

This morning I registered my daughter for her Sophomore year. {insert panicking mom screams here} Where is the time going? And who said it could go by so quickly? Next year she will be in AP English, AP Biology, Algebra II, Choir, Consumer Science, Document Publication, Spanish II, and Art. We had to get out the Upward Bound list to make sure she was taking everything suggested. If she doesn't get her first choices, she listed graphic design and photoshop for other choices. We have been searching for colleges and she believed she wanted to go to UCLA. After further checking, it appears they do not have an MPT (Master of Physical Therapy) Program there, but they do have a good program at Cal State Long Beach, which would still be in the LA area and give her the "California" fix that she is searching for :) I'm not sure how I feel about my baby being 2000 miles away, although I surely know I would love to visit her there and that she would be in good hands with her Auntie Kim and cousins Brandon, Kimberly, and Christine :) Time will tell of course, but she surely is a bright young lady and I want to really encourage her to get that education done before life happens!

And last but not least, we are preparing for the balmy Northern Illinois Weather to take a turn for the worst. The temps are to drop from 50 to -2 today with 4 inches of snow! For all you California, Texas, and Arizona people reading this....don't you just miss it?!? Doesn't it make you want to come visit right away!! (Hmmmm, perhaps that's the draw Stephanie is feeling to Sunny California, eh?)

Until next time...

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