Thursday, January 24, 2008

Appliance Hell

Yes, that's where I've been living for the past week. I've been trying to get the washer to work but to no avail. Finally, I called the repair man. The appointment was between 8 - 12 yesterday. At 11 my stir crazy husband called to report that they weren't there yet. I called the place to confirm the appointment was for yesterday. Yup sometime in the morning was what they told me. Well, the dude finally showed up and graciously told him there's two things wrong with the washer and yup, you guessed it....$300 to fix it. $300? Did he really mean $300 or did me mean more like $30? Um, yes, he meant $300. $300 to repair my $349 (the price at which I purchased the darn thing!) washer. Guess what happens next... NEW WASHER SHOPPING! I for the longest time have wanted a front load washer and I can't remember how old my current washer is but I know it's at least 10 years old and I am NOT paying $300 to fix it!!! I don't pay $300 to fix my car! Well...I was way too busy (Wed is my 15 hour day) to shop for a washer, but had done some preliminary checking when I was shopping for a new fridge last week. (Very grateful that I had planned a little bit ahead) -- So I could tell my hasbeen exactly what I wanted. He went to the store and voila! the new washer will be here Tuesday. Yes, photos of the gleaming new machine will be posted then! So for now, the problem is, no clean clothes, no washer, and no time for the laundry mat (and no desire) So, my wonderful MIL came over got some clothes to wash, washed them up last night and brought them clean to work this morning!! What kind of service is that and how'd I get so lucky? So, one problem down one to go.

I began the search for Kristina's new medicine yesterday. Of course when it's new and you determine that your insurance will pay for it, then you actually have to find a place that sells it! I made lots of calls and finally...Target, yes Target (could I love that store anymore?) had her medicine. Kevin went and picked it up last night. Great problem #2 down!

After those problems were solved I headed to the Y to teach my class. I pulled the CD out of my bag and it said CDA week #2. What's wrong with that picture you ask? Mostly that I was teaching week #3! Hmmmm, I called work to check if the CD was on my desk? Nope! Called home to Steph....did I leave it on the table? Yup! Darn it! It was 6:05 and I had to teach at 6:30. So, in the super snowy, not well plowed streets, I sure did hurry home to grab the disc. I returned to the Y at 6:32 ready to teach! Ugh! My class went well, and the gals always have a lot of good questions and good discussion. Only two weeks left and then I have Wednesday night's off again for a few weeks! Yippee!

After teaching I came home after my really long day to find a really pretty valentine's bag for me! Kristina (my little gift giver) bought me some valentine socks, towels, a pen, a candle, and a new tube of chap stick. Love that little girl!

I spent about 4.2 minutes on the couch catching up with the kids, and then I was off to bed. My neck, back and head are still really achy from whatever darn virus I have, so the sleep was much needed.

PS. Only 15 weeks left of my first internship :)

Until next time...

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