Friday, January 18, 2008

Where have our minds gone?

This morning as I was leaving at 5:15, I said to Kevin, I should kiss you cuz I won't see you tonight. He replied, you already kissed me. Uh, Oh, I should kiss you twice cuz I won't see you tonight! Then Kevin was taking Kristina to school this morning when I called. He heard a cell phone ring and said to Kristina, "Hey, I used to have that ring on MY phone." Uh, Dad, that IS your phone! Ahhhhhh, never a dull moment!


Grammie said...

Proud kids are awesome!!!!! Grammie wishes she could give you each $100..
:0)..however, ... being more realistic...;-[, how does $10 each sound? The money is on its way...YEA for you guys, and Brennan,,Grammie thinks it's extra special how hard you worked this time to make this report card your best! I never doubted for one moment how smart you are..what great grandkids..I love you all sooooo much..Grammie

Krishana said...

Great job cuz..cuzzes. :) Academics are more important than friends...friends won't get you into that college you dream of or that awesome good paying job. Friends will love you for who you are! I am so proud that you are not concerned with being the most popular...I can tell you that most of those kids don't achieve many great things in life. You will see when you get older. You are all going to be great!

In regards to the phone issue...having a little one also makes you not know what phone ring is yours. I was lunching in the lounge with my coworkers and we are all complaining about this awful ringer. No one would fess up to it. I was like that is not mine because mine are songs. LOL. I looked at my phone and saw that I had missed a call. Oh, Aubrey must have changed my darn ringer. Haha!