Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ebay stalker

Ok, I'm feeling a bit of a rush (that Sarah & Candi can relate to) because I am currently stalking items on ebay...what you ask? TICKETS!! Yes, those wonderful tickets that are my favorite type of ebay stalking. The Kenny Chesney tickets are beginning to flow and I have no other goal this year but to be on the sand bar AT SOLDIER FIELD!!!!!! For all of you non fans, this is the standing room only section right next to the stage where you have a good chance of TOUCHING him!!! Wooohoooo. Also, for my new Jonas Brothers stalker (Stephanie) I will be making a Jonas Bros purchase on Monday. Tickets have gone down about 40 each on ebay and are almost in the reasonable range :) Sorry Stephie, no front row for you, but we'll have nice seats and most importantly you'll be there!

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